On roaming and homing, love of nature and the nature of love.

dinsdag 19 september 2017



wat is er veel
wat is er weinig
van je over

laat me
het touw
je haren
een schaaltje
met boter

naast je 


onze harten 

wat vertelde je 
het diep
wiens kleur je 
hebt gedronken
moeras dat van
de goden was
motten in je botten

dat uitgerekend jij
van het geheim
er van allen
het langst zou zijn

Drenthe, september 2017

vrijdag 2 juni 2017

White world

The world has turned white
the sounds are migrating
to the coast
gone is Heaven
lost is Earth
only ears to understand
our current position
this is not a good time
to lose our voice
better recite
'holy holy holy'
better play our softest tune
the lullaby to our youngest
better light the candles
in the window sill
we might find mercy still

donderdag 10 november 2016

Standing Rock

There are buffalos 
on the plains
a stampede of hooves
drumming songs of the Earth
their breath is sending out
smoke signals into the world
bitten by frost
covered in flakes
they keep on moving
towards their people
until the white tipis
are crowded with 
invincible as
rivers marching
to the sea
half buffalo
half man
we sing
the Earth vibrates
we hold her tightly